Seniors need Valentines too!


This Valentines Day we are partnering with Horizons and asking the community of Cedar Rapids and surrounding towns to make Valentines day cards for homebound seniors! Do you want to share the love of the holiday with the elderly or ill? This is your chance! We will also except a few volunteers to ride along to deliver these items and share a hug even. Please contact Horizons to be preapproved to go on deliveries.

All cards are welcome handmade or store bought, it would be helpful if each person wrote a couple cards. Digitalbind and Horizons will deliver the Valentines to seniors in our community on Valentines Day.

*This event is live now, feel free to drop off cards anytime between now and Valentines Day.*

Please drop off all Valentines at:
Horizons a Family Service Alliance
819 5th St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

There are so many volunteers through the winter holidays, let’s spread the love throughout the year!

Please tag or SHARE this with your daycares, dance schools, offices, sports teams and more! Let us see your valentines by tagging DigitalBind and usingĀ #valentinesforseniors