Digitalbind is on a mission to become a leader in digital marketing, helping business grow their sales by gaining their consumers attention through digital mediums.  We are set out to become the most sought after media agency in Iowa by 2020. Digitalbind assists companies in growing their business using practical digital marketing strategies, working to evolve our client’s marketing initiatives to a fully integrated solution. Digitalbind focuses on businesses looking to make a serious long-term investment into digital marketing services.

Most businesses are not utilizing newer technologies and are still using traditional marketing methods. This is a compounding effect, technology bandwidth and new digital platforms are rising more than ever, so having a strategic plan is critical. Most in-house strategies usually lead to higher cost, lower engagement and missed opportunities for the business to grow. Many businesses have worked with larger marketing firms that have strong sales forces but lack the skill sets to deliver real results from digital marketing campaigns.

There are over 3,000 different technologies to be used when considering how to extend your reach in the online world. We see many tactics, platforms and strategies being fragmented and used as a means of just “socializing” rather than purposely engaging with your customer with the right message, story and overall communication.

Our solution stems from taking some of the best digital strategist and deploying them as leaders and management around many team members accomplishing the work. The purpose of management is to optimize our workers efficiency and inefficiency with each and every clients account. We will structure the business around digital strategy, we have seen over the last 5 years, specialties are falling behind as people, and specifically small businesses, cannot keep up with digital and technology innovations that being used exponentially more.

We bring over 30 years experience in online technology and marketing to the table. We use this experience to help businesses identify the best strategy in moving forward with an inbound marketing model. Our model is non-intrusive and does not interrupt your customers, like traditional media does, and our solutions have a direct long term impact if we use our data or customer permissions to enhance our full integrated model.